Education & Training

Our group has been working with young people for 22 years now and have Muckin outsuccessfully offered a wide range of activities that are fun, educational and make a real difference to the local community.

We have a range of training and qualifications available from Entry Level to Level 1 including PSD, Skills for Working Life, Certificate in Equine Skills and Work Based Diplomas. Tailored programmes are also available and past successes include The WMDC Creative Partnerships Scheme and Neet Preventative Programme.
They all involve working with horses in our small and friendly team in a real working environment.
We can offer training to school groups which can often be funded by WMDC Alternative Provision or individuals may wish to fund their own weekly sessions.


Putting the head collar onThe involvement for Highfield with Wakefield Riding for the Disabled has been a phenomenal experience for pupils and staff. The support, encouragement and friendliness have been contributing factors to the successful involvement for all pupils. Their excitement and anticipation has had a beneficial effect in other areas of the curriculum.

Ann Shepherd, Acting Deputy Headteacher, Highfield School


I am proud of myself for the things I have learnt to do. Riding, feeding and mucking out, I hope I can come back again.

Jack, Kettlethorpe School