Horse Riding

Wakefield RDA provides riding sessions for groups of riders from local schools,Riding Amber care homes and individual riders from Wakefield and surrounding areas.

At present we accommodate 80 riders every week who receive instruction from one of our qualified RDA instructors. We have 7 carefully selected RDA ponies and horses of varous heights.

Some people benefit from riding in a group, others from a private session. Group sessions promote social skills and are great fun; the rider learns the skill of riding a pony whilst improving balance, co-ordination and general fitness. Many good friendships are made here.

Individual therapy sessions for physically disabled children provide physiotherapy from the back of the pony. The movement of the pony imitates the movement of the child’s pelvis when walking and encourages normal muscle tone. This is carried out under the advice of a qualified physiotherapist.

If you are interested in riding at Wakefield RDA please contact us.